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What kind of community are we?

  • We have a traditional service, with a full Torah reading,
    And we’re egalitarian.
  • We are a multigenerational congregation,
    And it’s reflected in our services.
  • We have healthy and delicious food for our Shabbat Kiddushes,
    And our conversations are even better.
  • Some of us walk, some of us bike, and some drive to services,
    But we all come to daven.
  • We have Bar and Bat Mitzvahs,
    And to us, that’s the real celebration.
  • We don’t have a daily minyan,
    But the minyan always appears when a member is in need.
  • Our kids are enrolled in public, private and religious day schools. Some are home schooled.
    But most importantly, we instill a love of learning.
  • Some of us are well off; others are not.
    But you can never tell who’s who.
  • We have adult education classes, participatory Torah discussions, book clubs and more.
    Our community believes in lifelong learning.
  • We live on the east side and west side, in the Heights and in other suburbs,
    And we celebrate together as often as we can.
  • We are successful because of our members.
    We work together as and for the collective whole.
  • We have little kids and older kids,
    And each finds a niche.
  • We have a bicycle rack
    That gets used on a regular basis.
  • We are located in a residential community with tree-lined streets,
    And for many of us, our congregation is another type of home.

Some are well versed

  • in Hebrew
  • in Jewish practice
  • in Torah, while others are not
  • Some are Jews by birth; others are not
    But we all have a love of Judaism and welcome all to worship with us.

    We’re a small congregation, But in many ways, that is our strength.


    Beth El – The Heights Synagogue builds vibrant Jewish community. We welcome all in participatory, traditional, egalitarian worship and learning.


    Interested? If so, please contact our membership staff for more information:


    To download our membership flyer, click this link
    To download our membership form, click this link