Memorial Plaque

Memorialize your loved ones by entering their names on our memorial plaque, prominently visible in our sanctuary. Each name plate is 2″ x 10″ and has room for three lines of text.

You may reserve spaces for the names of your loved ones by filling out the online form located here. Our coordinator will contact you to confirm your request.

You will have the opportunity to preview and approve each name plate before it is cast in bronze.

Donation for each name plate is $324.



Need help with Hebrew names or dates? Send an Email Karen Kugelman at: Kkugelman2@aol.com


Yahrzeit Listings

If you would like to have the name of a family member added to our yahrzeit list read at services each week, or if you wish to confirm that a family member is listed correctly, please contact Karen Kugelman at Kkugelman2@aol.com