Donation Options

Full List of Donation Options

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General Fund:
These funds are used to pay our bills, and are not restricted in any way.

Restricted Funds: The following funds are used for specific purposes.

Scholar in Residence—funds are used to pay for the scholar in residence program

Rabbi’s Fund—the money in this fund is spent at the Rabbi’s discretion. One common use is member support.

Chesed—this money supports the efforts of our Chesed Committee.

Hot Lunch—this money helps to support hot dishes to augment our regular Shabbat kiddushes.

Lunch and Learn—this money is used to pay for hot lunches when there is a Lunch and Learn speaker.

Cleaning—this money is used for cleaning that is more in-depth and thorough than Marvin is able to handle in his weekly cleaning.

Security—this money helps to pay for our Federation security guard.

Greater Cleveland Congregations—this money goes toward payment of our dues to GCC.