Donations, Gifts and Charitable Contributions

“When we donate money, we are doing more than patching a roof, replacing carpeting, or repairing an elevator. Our donations affirm our meaningful relationships, shared values, and a sense that our stories are connected to the larger story of building a vibrant Jewish community. Our story began with Rabbi Genuth and a committed congregation in 1948. We are committed to continuing our story today, and for our children tomorrow.” (Jack Valancy, October 2008)

If you would like to honor the memory of a loved one, commemorate a simcha, or simply show your appreciation for the Beth El-The Heights Synagogue Community, we welcome your donation in any amount.

Beth El – The Heights Synagogue
3246 Desota Ave.
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118

If you have questions about making a donation, please contact our President ( or the Beth El main office: 216-320-9667

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