Donations, Gifts and Charitable Contributions

“When we donate money, we are doing more than patching a roof, replacing carpeting, or repairing an elevator. Our donations affirm our meaningful relationships, shared values, and a sense that our stories are connected to the larger story of building a vibrant Jewish community. Our story began with Rabbi Genuth and a committed congregation in 1948. We are committed to continuing our story today, and for our children tomorrow.” (Jack Valancy, October 2008)

If you would like to honor the memory of a loved one, commemorate a simcha, or simply show your appreciation for the Beth El-The Heights Synagogue Community, we welcome your donation in any amount. If you would like your donation to be for a specific purpose, here is a list of donation options.
HOW TO TELL US ABOUT YOUR DONATION INTENT: The first page after you click the “Donate” button only lets you pick an amount and choose PayPal or credit card. If you choose PayPal, once you log in to PayPal you can click on “Add any notes about this donation:” and then type in your notes. If you choose credit card, you can click on “Add any notes about this donation:” in the middle of the page.

Beth El – The Heights Synagogue
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If you have questions about making a donation, please contact our President ( or the Beth El main office: 216-320-9667